Christmas Tea 2017

Heavenly harp sounds by the „Duo Harpalando“ opened and accompanied the Christmas Tea at the festively decorated Karlsburg. This Christmas event was the customary end to the Club year.

With Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup in attendance, President Annerose Lauterwasser referenced a citation by Swiss writer Kurt Marti and spoke about “real Christmas or the commodity of Christmas”. Dr. Mentrup thanked the IWC for their hard work and commitment during 2017, and expressed his hope that a “real Christmas” could be adequately merged with “the commodity of Christmas”.

The remaining proceeds to the tune of 51,200 Euros from the 2017 Pfennigbasar were then presented to various Karlsruhe charities.

Finally, our new American students were introduced and Philipp Binkele, participant of the youth exchange 2017,presented his report of his time in the USA.

The event concluded with Christmas Tarte, Christmas cookies and finger foods.

Thanksgiving 2017

Same procedure as every year: the last Thursday in November is traditionally reserved for our festive IWC Thanksgiving dinner. Club members and exchange students accordingly met on 23rd November for traditional turkey with all the trimmings, as always prepared by the Club cooking team, which was ably organized by Susanne Price and chef Thomas Buchman. Tables were decorated in US colours, the food was great and so was the mood. Please make sure you mark your diary for the next Thanksgiving Dinner which will be on 22nd November 2018!

60 Years old and STILL Rocking!
IWC Karlsruhe Double Anniversary – 60 Years IWC – 50 Years Pfennigbasar

Who would have thought 60 years ago that the IWC Karlsruhe, founded in 1957 as „German-American Women’s Club“, was going to experience such brilliant evolution, currently counting around 290 members from 28 nations. Not many would have believed that the Pfennigbasar was going to develop into a legendary cult event in South-Western Germany after 50 years, either.

President Annerose Lauterwasser greeted 240 guests, summoned by fanfares from their champagne reception into the festively decorated atrium of the Badische Gemeindeversicherung.

Ceremonies were commenced by Baden-Württemberg Secretary of State, Dr. Gisela Splett, who conveyed greetings from Minister President Kretschmann. She was deeply impressed with the decades-long commitment of members of the Women’s Club.

Mayor Martin Lenz passed on congratulations of the town of Karlsruhe and presented 60 roses as the town’s gift, thereby honouring a promise he had made some years previously.

FGAC President Sigrid Behnke-Dewath admired the continuing exuberance of Club Members and honorary helpers at the Pfennigbasar. Without their commitment it would not have been possible to make an overall profit of well in excess of 4 Million Euros in 50 years. Sigrid Behnke-Dewath greeted FGAC Grande Dame Gie Kyrios, who had come over from Florida especially for the event. Gie Kyrios had been one of the founders of the 1st Pfennigbasar, furthermore setting up the Federation’s highest award, the Lucius D. Clay medal, in cooperation with General Clay’s family.

The commemorative speech was held by Secretary of State Katrin Schütz. The following is a quote from her speech, which might be a Leitmotiv for the aims of the Club: “60 years IWC Karlsruhe and 50 years Pfennigbasar stand for a cosmopolitan and globally networking Baden-Württemberg. This Jubilee also stands for social engagement and proves that women in both civil society and economy perform an indispensable service. For that I give you my cordial thanks.”

President Lauterwasser, Vice President Nerger as well as Pfennigbasar Leader Dr. Maczek presented flowers to those Club members, who had been present at the first Pfennigbasar 50 years previously, namely E. Lob, R. Höger, G. Kyrios, H. Wagner.

Last but not least, FGAC Board member and Student Exchange Chair Mike Pilewski, received a cheque for 30,600 Euros for the Student Exchange program. FGAC Board member and Youth Work Chair, Antonia Schröter, was equally happy to receive a cheque for 6000 Euros for the Youth Program.

It should be mentioned that this festive evening didn’t just consist of speeches. Students of the Karlsruhe Conservatory of Music performed to rapturous applause. And yes, delicacies of the buffet could not be resisted.

Funds Presentation from the proceeds of the 50th Pfennigbasar

There is no funds presentation without a successful Pfennigbasar and this also applied to the 2017 50th Pfennigbasar. President Annerose Lauterwasser emphasized that Club members and guest helpers had voluntarily given their all, and were all tremendously happy that the effort had been worth it. Mayor Klaus Stapf conveyed the greetings of the town of Karlsruhe and Lissi Hohnerlein, director of “Sozpädal” expressed the official thanks on behalf of all donation recipients.

The horn of plenty was opened wide and a record 180,000 Euros were donated to the FGAC Student Exchange and youth work, as well as to numerous charitable institutions in and around Karlsruhe.

A further highlight of the evening was the presentation of prizes of the Schools Competition 2016 to Isabel Kühn and Julian Weissinger from the Goethe High School Karlsruhe for their joint year project entitled “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – Chances and Risks of Free Trade Deal “(TTIP). They gave a short talk about the contents of the project as well as their individual methods and ways of working.

On behalf of the IWC, President Annerose Lauterwasser presented prizes and certificates, and public relations director Dr. Gerhard Wiesinger presented a book prize on behalf of the Frankfurt US Consulate.

Students of the Karlsruhe music conservatory lightened the atmosphere with their „Frol Golivets Ensemble“.

As always, the evening finished with a champagne reception, tasty canapés and interminable chat.

A Boat Trip on the Rhine on the "MS Karlsruhe"
Presented by the Town of Karlsruhe on the occasion of the 50th Pfennigbasar

In appreciation of dozens of years of dedicated commitment by the IWC, the town of Karlsruhe invited club members well as guest helpers of the Pfennigbasar to a boat trip on the Rhine on the MS Karlsruhe.

The two and a half hour long trip started at 2 pm with 260 club members and voluntary helpers from Karlsruhe harbour. We travelled up and down the Rhine, the mood was great and guests made short shrift of the sponsored cake buffet.

Forty-nine years ago the then Karlsruhe Lord Mayor thanked the Club with a Rhine boat trip, when members and helpers took part “behatted”. In her welcoming speech, Mayoress Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz indicated that this tradition had been revived for this year’s boat trip. She voiced her great respect for the Pfennigbasar proceeds of around 4 million Euros which had been distributed to the FGAC Student Exchange, the FGAC Youth Program and to charitable institutions in Karlsruhe.

During a witty speech, IWC President Annerose Lauterwasser handed Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz a bulky, black straw hat found at the Pfennigbasar and indicated that this would surely protect the wearer from storms and bad weather at the town hall.

11.02. - 12.02.2017
Club Presidents and FGAC Board Meeting in Frankfurt

A large number of club presidents attended the first of the 2017 FGAC meetings. The Frankfurt train junction was ideal for this gathering, and a German Bahn room was made available.

Discussion points during the constructive meeting were the upcoming FGAC youth trip to the USA, the GA-Day in Bamberg which will be celebrated in conjunction with the 60th IWC Bamberg anniversary as well as the 70th FGAC anniversary. Statute changes were also debated, and last but not least there was a questions and answers session for all club representatives. The President’s meeting started at 11 am and ended at 4 pm.

The FGAC Board continued their meeting on Sunday morning. In order to discuss the large number of pending topics it was decided to call a workshop in Berlin from 21 to 23 April 2017.

26.01. - 28.01.2017
50th Pfennigbasar

Expectations in the jubilee bazaar were not disappointed. There were illustrious guests during the opening ceremony on 26th January 2017 at the Schwarzwald hall and a never-ending stream of customers during the following two and a half sales days. When the bazaar closed its doors on Saturday, 29th January at 2 pm there were only beaming faces. Sales went exceptionally well and there were record takings. This means that around 170,000 Euros will be donated. The student as well as the youth exchange of the FGAC will be pleased about the large contributions and so will a number of charitable organizations in and around Karlsruhe. The welfare committee will have their work cut out over the coming months, with final approval to be made by the membership meeting in March.

 26.01. - 28.01.2017
50th Pfennigbasar
Anniversary Basar Impressions